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The closing date is 30 June 2011.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

WINNER for the $20 3 inch sin voucher

i used to choose the winner but when i copy and paste the whole chunk of code, this box didnt tun out ): so i decided to snap a photo of it and post it up so that is fair (:

so, the WINNER for the $20 3 inch sin voucher goes to . . . .

WENDYYWY (: (: congrats!! advance merry christmas to you (: (:


  1. hey jasmine,

    you can use the print screen function on your key board, then copy and paste onto 'paint' or other programs and save it as jpeg image. you may need do some cropping, then upload the photo as per normal.

  2. hahah. noted and i learnt something new (: THANK YOU bakertan! (: very nice and helpful of you (: (:

  3. Sweetylicious,
    Thank you so much.
    But so sorry, I'm from Malaysia and I don't think I'd be travelling to Singapore any near future.
    It'll be best if you can select another winner.
    (Actually when I commented, I didn't know that there is a giveaway, haha)
    I also use bakertan's method to get the "thing" on my blog.

  4. no prob wendyywy (: anyway, can you still email me your address? thank you (:
    hahah. at least you know how to get it there nicely. hahah.