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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cooking Class at Creative Culinaire

hello my dear bloggers and readers! (: I went on a long long hiatus for blogging .. so sorry! is not easy to keep up school work, baking, blogging, family time and not forgetting shopping! heeeee. however, I've been diligently reading all your blog posts. the convenience of Facebook allow us to post, chat and keep up to date (:

back to today's post .. is an awesome "present" to bring me back to blogging and share w everyone my experience. I took part in the Facebook "like" and "share" giveaway hosted by Daniel's Food Diary and won a Healthy Culinary Adventure class (worth more than $100) at Creative Culinaire. The class was held today from 8am - 12pm. There were 14 participants per class and we were assigned to do pair work. I'm so glad to make friend with Jennifer. coincidentally she was the other winner from the giveaway (:

we had so much fun and I definitely enjoyed the class. not forgetting our very patient, young looking instructor Christine who is so helpful and guide us through the class. ohhhhh ... not forgetting the fact that she says I look like a Secondary 4 student. hahahah! anyways, the recipes are easy to handle and definitely awesome to cook for your family and love ones. I'm in the midst of getting permission to post the recipes and am hopeful to share w everyone if possible. One last thing before I let the photos do the talking .. actually I was pleasantly surprised by Creative Culinaire's thoughtfulness. I attended different classes from giveaways and etc, none provided participants with containers and carrier. that actually help us pack our food nicely and bring it home for our family instead of giving plastic bags, put in all the food and bring a mess home. Furthermore, the night before, they called up to remind us to attend the class next morning (:

photossss pls!

ingredients for eggless tofu brownie weighed for us
eggless tofu brownie


Jenn and my baked eggless tofu brownie

is me slicing wholemeal bread for the canapé

Jenn marinating the chicken
our wholemeal canapé w smoked salmon! (:
demo-ed wholemeal canapé w smoked salmon

tyvm Daniel for the wonderful giveaway and Creative Culinaire for hosting the class! (: