Aspiring Bakers #8 : Bread Seduction (June 2011)


Bake or steam Bread, Buns or Pau. To join, post it on your blog between 1 June to 30 June.
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The closing date is 30 June 2011.
All entries will be compiled and posted on 1 July 2011.

Monday, April 18, 2011


here is my CREAM CHEESE BUN (: is soft and fluffy with melty warm cheese when you eat it after cooled. however, is disappointing that is no longer soft the next day. is rather chewy ): those photos are taken the next day.

my family like it when is warm and it taste good (: im going to try another cheese bun recipe soon coz my family like it. hopefully it'll taste soft even till the next day :D

after getting my hands on bread, i find it fun! next move, i want to buy a bread machine! would you share your opinion with me about your bread machine (: thank you!

another help pls. i want to bake macarons for birthday coz they know NUTS about the existence of macarons! how can they! so i thought i making different flavour. but in order to do that, i need to bake the shells earlier. my tortoise speed of baking macarons, i cant possibly bake everything in a day. i got to spread it out to 2-3 days. so i google for the storage method and found a few.
  1. Store filled macarons in an air tight box in the refrigerator for 5-6 days. Qn is, will the macarons turn soggy?
  2. It is also possible to freeze them once they’re filled .Qn is, will the macarons break?
  3. The cookies need to rest 24-48 hours after sandwiching to get the right texture.  The shell will absorb the moisture from the filling to soften it. Qn is, soft = soggy?
  4. Let the shell mature at least 24 hours in the fridge so all the flavors have the chance to meld together. Qn is, i fill the macarons just before i bring it to the party?

now i got craving so, off to bake PINEAPPLE TARTS! :D