Aspiring Bakers #8 : Bread Seduction (June 2011)


Bake or steam Bread, Buns or Pau. To join, post it on your blog between 1 June to 30 June.
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The closing date is 30 June 2011.
All entries will be compiled and posted on 1 July 2011.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #8 Bread Seduction (June 2011) - Round Up

Thank you everyone for supporting June Aspiring Bakers #8 event and also Small Small Baker(SSB) for giving me the opportunity to be the host for this month theme. From this hosting, I got to know more talented blogger friends through their submissions with all the awesome posts that support this month's "bread seduction" theme. In total I have received 237 mouth-watering entries and each entry has its unique creation that seduces you. I had so much fun and i hope you too had fun (:

Here are all the entries for Aspiring Bakers #8 Bread Seduction, listed in the order of the date submitted.

Ham Bun Roll from Veronica Chia of Peng's Kitchen

 BBQ Meat Baos from Reese Thon of Reese Kitchen

Swirl Breads from Corinne of Sparecake

Mushi Pan from Yuzhi of SImplebake

芝麻葱油饼 from Veronica Chia of Peng's Kitchen

Mabel who does not have a blog yet, shared this Ham & Cheese Recipe with us.

Mabel who does not have a blog yet, shared this Pork Floss Bun Recipe with us.

Hotdog Buns from Jasmine of Sweetylicious

Spiral Rolls from Treat and Trick of Treat and Trick

香兰馒头 from Veronica of Peng's Kitchen

 马六甲椰糖面包 from Siew Hwei of 简单生活,随心所欲,快乐充实

Hokkaido Milk Bread from The Experimental Cook of Cook With No Books

Melon Pan from The Experimental Cook of Cook With No Books

Pizza from Eileen of eileenの记事本


Raisin Brioche from Honey Boy of Cosy Bake

Gladys Chan who does not have a blog yet, shared this Hotdog Roll recipe with us

Dough A:
190g bread flour
20g wholemeal flour
3g yeast
130g milk

-> Mixed all into dough and proof in fridge for at least 12hrs overnight

Dough B:
70g plain flour
20g bread flour
40g caster sugar
60g milk
20g butter (unsalted)

4-5 piece of preferred hotdog (I got the fresh hotdog from NTUC and therefore allows me to cut into 2 piece per hotdog)

-> Remove Dough A from fridge to room temp
-> Add Dough A to Dough B
-> Knead in mixer for about 20mins until can pull into thin elastic piece (window pane test as many bakers might call it)
-> Proof dough for about 1hr or till double in bulk
-> Portion to abt 10 small doughs of ~55g each
-> Rest for 20mins
-> Roll the dough into a long dough of about 25cm
-> Wrap the hotdog with dough
-> Final proof for 50mins or till double in bulk
-> Brush a thin layer of egg wash (which I omitted)
-> Bake at 170c for abt 17mins (depends on individual oven)

Burger Buns from Kitchen Flavours of Kitchen Flavours

Durian buns from Hesti HH of Hesti's Kitchen 

Yoke Peng who does not have a blog yet, shared this Ham Bread recipe with us

直接发酵法- 参考于Ohbin
材料 A
1. 高筋面粉480g
2. 普通面粉120g
3. 110g
4. 酵母4茶匙
5. 牛奶粉20g

材料 B
1. 蛋一粒
2. 300ml

材料 C:牛油60g

1. 先把A 料混合,然后加入B搅拌成团
2. 再来把C加进去,搅拌成光滑和富弹性面团,拉成薄膜
3. 用保鲜膜盖紧,进行基本发酵60分钟
4. 面团分割成每個約60g滾圓,休息15分鐘
5. 然后把面团拉成长方形,沿着ham转就可以了
6. 发酵好前15分鐘,,烤箱打開預熱至170c

Cajun Monkey Bread from from Quay Po of Quay Po Cooks

咖喱鸡肉包 from HS Ling of 星厨房


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